Let us help you to find your place in the world.

We live in an ever-changing world, yet the message of Acts 1:8 is unchanged. What Jesus required of his disciples at the dawn of the first millennium, he still requires of us at the dawn of the third millennium.

We have all been  called to serve God in every corner of the world. We have always understood God’s Mission – it’s Mission: World. 

As each new generation discovers and approaches its mission to the world in new and different ways Missionworld is here to help. Missionworld is a service of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society, whose mandate is to enable the Baptist churches of New Zealand to fulfil the Great Commission anywhere in the world that God directs. 




Recently Added Articles

Opportunities for volunteer teachers in Samoa

NZ Samoan Baptist churches are part of a network called ‘World United Samoan Baptist Churches.’ This includes Samoan Baptists from NZ, Australia, Western Samoa and American Samoa. They recentRead more

Hindu World Prayer Guide

The Hindu World Prayer Guide is bought to you by the missions community of Aotearoa New Zealand, and can be ordered from missions.fit/15days. Join the many voices around the country who will lift upRead more

NZBMS Accounts Clerk (6 month contract)

We are on the hunt for our next Accounts Clerk. Is that you? NZBMS is the overseas mission organisation for the Baptist Churches of New Zealand. It is comprised of four entities (Tranzsend, Banzaid,Read more

We Need Long-Term, Spiritually Aware, Resilient People

We currently we have a number of overseas opportunities. We ask that you would lift up our need for more overseas workers across our fields, and ask that God would make known the people He has calledRead more

Spirit(ual) Leadership Te Āhuru Wairua

By Jay Matenga (Director, Missions Interlink New Zealand; Associate Director, World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission) We live in an age where, to paraphrase The Teacher, “…of making manyRead more

The Leadership Gap

Mission, at least where I serve, appears to be facing a ‘Leadership Gap’. Many of the ‘old-timers’, who went to the mission field for ‘life’, are retiring. These people went to the field,Read more

Leadership in Missions

by an OMF Member working in the area of teaching and leadership development 宣教中的领导力 This is a big topic indeed, so I will attempt to put forward some points and convictions that I haveRead more

The Forgotten Communities

What’s the vision? To launch and support long-term ministry teams of 12 to 15 faithful witnesses in new communities over the next two years. Right now we are mobilising three critical areas ofRead more

Is Human Trafficking In Your Too Hard Basket?

A group of 50 young Nigerian women, promised a better life, had made it overland across the obstacle of the Sahara, run the gauntlet of exploiters waiting for them in Libya, and amazingly, made it toRead more

MAF Disaster Response

Sent from Hamilton Central Baptist Church, Vaughan and Rosemary serve with MAF International in Cairns, Australia. Vaughan has a significant role in MAF’s global disaster response activities. TheRead more

Have you heard about Better World?

Better World is a radical social justice gap year experience for school leavers and young adults. This is an incredible opportunity for young people to explore four social justice issues in NZ andRead more

Keeping it real

Over the holiday break, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking regarding mission and the church. Specifically, how these two ideas became separate streams of thought. It’s as if we feel the freedom toRead more

Our Strategic Partners

Partnerships are key to help resource and mobilise individuals and churches to join God in His mission to the world, wherever He may direct.  Missionworld has entered into strategic partnerships with nine organisations who offer good support and access to ministries all over the world.