TONGA: Tale of Two Kingdoms

Powerful narratives dealing with the history of a 185-year mission movement, sparked off by revival and continue to be so even today.

This is a book not just for Tongans and Pacific Islanders to read. It is a compilation of historical narrative and stories that would challenge anyone interested in the Pacific. 

Darlene Cunningham, co-founder of Youth With A Mission, in a special commendation says:
"Tonga – tale of two kingdoms" highlights God's call on the people that He strategically placed throughout the islands of the Pacific Ocean... They are a unique people with a specific identity and destiny... I thought I was fairly well acquainted with the missions' history of the region, but Kalafi's book brings the stories to life, with fresh understanding and records a very complete history of how God moves and how people's obedience or disobedience affects the whole of society... I was captivated by the expanse of stories and scripture references in this book, which reveal God's heart and character. It really is a handbook on the ways of God and a tribute to all the heroes of the faith in the islands who said "yes" and walked deep friendship with God." (Life Resources)