Becoming Involved In Mission

Whether you're interested in a three month stint, 18 months or more than two years, the opportunities for service are numerous and varied. Overseas service draws on a range of skill sets and the abilities of individuals, including professional and personal experiences, qualifications, personality and more general giftings.

A selection of opportunities in locations all over the world is available here. Each position will have specific requirements and for more information on any of these, please contact either the agency noted or MISSION WORLD. Please also note that each agency will have its own application processes and requirements for any length of term.

If you are unsure about where, in what type of work or for the length of term you might be able to serve, please contact MISSION WORLD directly and we can assist you in exploring this.

Short-medium term service (2-24 months) is a valid experience where God will use the individual and the host community to work in and through. These are opportunities to serve with your skills, to learn and to experience something of living and working in another culture. Such time commitments are increasingly common and there are a number of reasons for this. Short timeframes are not too daunting, they are usually easily fitted in to work commitments, financially they are achievable and it's an ideal 'taster' for those exploring the idea of longer term service. Repeat short term experiences are also on the rise as people adjust their lifestyles to offer themselves on an annual or biennial basis.

A long term commitment requires a more permanent move and a change from the familiar for a period of 2+ years. Such a commitment also opens the door for deeper relationships with people, more realistic and significant timeframes for undertaking projects, language learning and becoming part of a community – all things very necessary to be able to share and show the love of Christ appropriately and contextually. In an age where 'bite-sized' and short timespans are common, long termers are needed more than ever.