A word about support raising

Firstly it is important to note that support raising is more than just gathering money. You need a team of people to journey with you in your service. Your church can help with logistical details and pastoral support, you will need finance and you will certainly need prayer and encouragement. Support encompasses all of these things and no one person can do it all on their own.  

Simply the thought of fundraising for many people is daunting. While opportunities do exist for certain types of roles to have a form of remuneration, it is however for the large majority of people serving overseas their primary source of support.  Agencies will have guidelines to help with this and will work you to make it happen.  

Some thoughts around support raising: 

  • Identify a list of friends, family and others who you can start with. Perhaps a small group that you have been part of. Include your Christian and non-Christian friends in the latter group may very well take interest in what you are doing!

  • Invite them to become part of your support team. Support-giving to people going out is a valid ministry and these people should be encouraged and developed.
  • Give people options as to how they can support you financially, prayerfully, something else

  • On the financial points, be clear around how much you need and why
  • If people give to you and through an agency, their donation may be eligible for tax rebates

  • Ensure you do follow up with a note of thanks whatever form of support people have chosen to give
  • Keep in touch with these people while youre away. Communication is a big must whether through regular newsletters, email, skype calls and such. People will be happy to remain on your support team if you take the time to connect with them