It's all about communication

Communciation is an essential element in mission work. It's key to the relationship between the sending church/group and for those that are sent. It creates awareness, inspires and resources both parties.

Hearing from friends and family is an important part of any relationship and with the way that technology has opened up options, communicating with people overseas can be very simple and easy. It is, however, important to note that in a number of areas of the world, certain protocols should be followed so as not to jeopardise the status or safety of workers themselves or those with whom they work. This also applies to how individuals are profiled here at home and specific requirements should be checked with the individuals themselves and the sending agencies.

Reporting back and presentations to a church/group is also an essential part of  communication. This not only creates an ongoing sense of accountability but also ongoing awareness of mission work and inspiration, whetther this is within the sending church context or another interested group. However presentations do need to be thought through carefully and guidelines for both the presenter and those requesting presentation are important. Interviews are also a good and creative way to also engage church and worker.