Interviewing a missionary in a meeting

The interview is a good way of getting the missionary involved in a Sunday service without having to ask the pastor to give up the pulpit. It can also be useful where the missionary is not a capable preacher. From the following questions, it is possible to choose those that are most appropriate for the particular missionary, remembering that it is always best to discuss it with them before the interview takes place. 

1.  At what age did you become a Christian? Did you have a church background? Was there a particular means God used to bring you to himself? 

2. When was the first time you ever thought of possibly becoming a missionary? Were you active in your own church at the time? How did you first learn about mission work? 

3. What were the first steps you took towards becoming a missionary? How were you sure that was what God wanted you to do? Did you get any extra training? How long was it from your first step to your departure? What did your family think about it all? 

4. What mission agency did you join? How many missionaries does it have in total? How many from New Zealand? Where does it work in the world? Does it have an emphasis on any particular type of ministry? 

5. What country did you go to? Was there a language to learn? What were the major tasks during your first couple of years? Did your work relate directly to what you had been trained for in New Zealand? 

6. Who are the people you are working amongst? Can you tell us some of the important aspects of the group’s culture? When did they first hear the gospel? Are there churches among them? Do they have their own leaders and pastors? Where does your ministry fit in with the growth of the church? 

7. What are the typical activities of your day? Are you part of a team? How does the team fit together? What particular things have you learnt from them? 

8. What challenges have you faced in your ministry? What were some of the personal struggles in responding to these challenges? Is there something in this regard that we can join you in praying about? 

9. How did your children cope with the new culture? What about the language? What schooling arrangements do you have? Is there adequate medical care close at hand for the family? What do you think the children have gained most from being in another culture? 

10. Which is your home church here in New Zealand? How are they involved in your ministry? Do you have other people supporting you in your ministry? How important is this team of people to you? 

11. How are you financially supported? What about the costs involved in your ministry? Do you have a particular financial need right at this time? 

12. How could we become more involved with you and your family? How should we pray for you after you return to your ministry? How can we receive information concerning your ongoing situation and needs? How could we become more aware of the people you are ministering to? 

13. What are the current personnel needs in your area at present? Do you have opportunities for people to come short-term? Is there some way a group from our church could visit you and not get in your way? 

14. Would you describe yourself as a World Christian? What can individual Christians do to increase their global perspective? What can a local church do to become more effectively involved? What would you pray for us? 

Used with permission from Rev. Dr. Bruce Dipple, Sydney, Australia. http://brucedipple.wordpress.c...