Mission Committees

Churches wherever they are located, are usually involved in a wide range of activities and ministries. The area of world mission is but one ministry focus and the pastor (or pastoral team) is simply not able to do it all. For that reason and also to ensure wider involvement from those with a passion for this, it is useful to have a small group of people that oversee the facilitation of mission in the church. In the same way as any other ministry area, this group should be responsible to the leadership of the church.

Each church will need to bring together a group that will be appropriate for its own context and with clear understanding of its purpose and activity. Such activity may include:

- Stimulating mission interest and prayer

- Recruiting, recommending and preparing mission applicants (Questions to ask potential candidates)

- Preparing and developing budgets and allocation of funds

- Working with mission agencies to support and care for mission workers

- Communicating with mission workers

Policies and Procedures: Having such a document will help to keep things clear for everyone. These are some areas to think about as you establish your own mission committee and some examples of church Policies and Procedures that you may find useful to adjust to your own situation.

Member care: whether with an organisation or sent directly from a church, member care for an individual, couple or family is critical for longevity, sustainability and effectiveness overseas. It begins from enquiry and continues through to resettlement back in NZ following competition of service. It includes everything from support and accountability, training and orientation, health, ongoing learning, relocation, home assignments, children and resettlement.

"Guidelines for Good Practice in Member Care" is a resource for churches and agencies involved in global mission and member care and who desire to provide the best input and support that they can for their members. Even for those exploring their own individual mission journey this will be a helpful resource.

Events: Part of profiling world mission and the people involved from the church may mean organising some regular events that can highlight what mission is all about, who the people are that the church supports (prayerfully and financially) plus finding ways to raise finance in order to facilitate broader mission activity. The Mission Events document outlines some ideas and examples of what could be done.