Mission Committee Questions

This list of questions is designed to help a church and group work through some of the important starting points for a mission committee. In every church this will look a little different. 

1.Determine the purpose and objectives of the Mission Committee. Clarify where world mission fits within the values and vision of the wider church i.e. is it integral to the church activities or an added extra? It may be helpful to find a name for this group that best reflects the specific mission vision.

2.Is the Mission Committee to be focused on both local and overseas mission?

3.Who should be involved in this group and what should their skill sets and abilities be? To whom is this group ultimately accountable?

4.What role descriptions are needed? Determine what tasks individual roles on a committee may need to be performed.

5.With what mission agencies (if any) will the church develop relationships and on what basis? Are there preferred locations and/or projects that may be prioritised? If so it will be important to be very clear on the reasons for this.

6.What should be the process for those wanting to serve overseas? Who does an individual need to talk with and in what order? What steps should be followed and who should be involved?

7.How will prospective mission partners be treated should they choose not to partner with a mission agency?

8.How will short term mission for individuals and/or teams be treated? What financial arrangements will exist for short termers and teams?

9.How will be a mission partner be introduced to the church post-acceptance, commissioned andfarewelled?

10.What percentage of the total church budget will be dedicated to mission? Are there other avenues of funding available? What model of raising support is preferred i.e. pledge, faith promise, committed support?

11.What limitations (if any) will mission partners have in support raising amongst individual members of the church?

12.On what basis should the mission budget be apportioned and how regularly should mission workers be sent money?

13.Will the church become involved in supporting projects as well as people?

14.What accountability structures will the church have in place regarding communication, finances,work placements and home assignment expectations?

15.What happens in the case of emergency?

16.What should the partnership look like between the church and the mission agency? Is it clearwho is responsible for what?  What role does the sending church have regarding pastoral care?

17.What profiling, education, prayer and promotion needs to take place in the church about mission and the people the church supports/sends? Will there be a mission noticeboard, newsletter,mission events etc.?