Preliminary questions to ask enquirers or mission candidates

1. Describe what has led you to consider service overseas? 

2. With whom have you shared this to date? What has been their reaction? 

3. What experience(s) have you had living and working cross culturally? Whether overseas or in New Zealand? 

4. If any, how has this/have these experience(s) impacted or influenced your understanding of different cultures, customs, faiths etc.? And how has this impacted your life in here in NZ? 

5. What do you find most challenging about interacting with those of different languages, faiths, customs, income levels? 

6. What friendships do you currently have with people of other cultures? 

7. In what areas do you have skillsets and/or qualifications – think of formal and informal qualifications, skills gained through involvement in groups, organisations, church etc. 

8. When did you become a Christian and how would you describe your relationship with God? 

9. What ministry experience have you had in church, the community etc.? To what level? 

10. Outline your professional work role(s) – what tasks and responsibilities do you have and how could these assist serving overseas? 

11. What do you believe you could offer serving overseas? 

12. What (if any) people group, location/region and/or role type do you envisage being involved in? 

13. What sort of timeframes would you anticipate going for? What do you understand to be short term/long term? (an accepted current long term length is 2+ years) 

14. When would you anticipate leaving? Are you being realistic with timeframes? 

15. What further training or orientation do you anticipate you might need? e.g. What ‘gaps’ might there be in your understanding of mission, bible and theological training, cross cultural understanding? 

16. What do you understand the church’s role to be in support of and working with you to go? 

17. How do you feel about the possibility of having to raise funds prior to departure -drawing on the support of others? 

18. How do you believe you work as a) a team player and b) an individual? Which do you gravitate towards more? 

19. Are you a people focused person or a task focused person? Why? How would either of these be affected overseas e.g. in a society where relationships are more important than time, how would a structured, task focused, time orientated person cope? 

20. Describe your ability to be flexible and ‘go with the flow’? 

21. What connections (if any) do you have with any mission organisations? What discussions to date have you had with any about service? 

Some other areas for discussion: 

- Scenarios about being able and willing to speak in public -i.e. devotions or a sermon last minute 
- Dealing with poverty levels 
- Coping with a church context where English is not spoken and/or is far more traditional or charismatic than an individual has been used to. 
- Cross cultural team environments  

- Unavailability of basic amenities  

- Safety and security of person and belongings  

- Dress sense, interaction with men/women  

- Language learning