WEC - A strategic mission partner

WEC International focuses on reaching the remaining unevangelised peoples, planting churches where there is no church, and mobilising the church to missions. At the core of our being we strive for passion: passion for Jesus, devotion first and foremost to the God of the Nations who deserves the worship of all peoples.

To this end WEC has around 1900 workers from 50 countries serving among 100 unreached people groups. What does that really mean? WEC is international, interdenominational, and into working where few if any locals follow Jesus.

WEC is a mission of self-governing fields which means, under internationally agreed Principles and Practices, fields and teams determine their own strategies according to their first-hand local insight and the leading of the Holy Spirit. With 57 different fields from Western Europe to Japan we work among every major religion on every continent (excluding Antarctica!).

WEC ministries are various: from full-time evangelism, to tentmaking, Business as Missions, bi-vocational, medical, educational, publishing, ethnodoxology, to Children in Crisis. Operation World is a specialised ministry of WEC International, as is Betel – a church planting movement among addicts around the world.

WEC also operates five dedicated missionary training colleges around the world including Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies here in New Zealand.

We believe in genuine partnership and collaboration. Let us serve together for the glory of God.

For further information on the work of WEC you can visit their website here.