MAF - A strategic mission partner

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a Christian organisation whose mission is to fly light aircraft in developing countries to bring help and hope to people.

Our vision is to share God's love through aviation and technology so that physically and spiritually isolated people will be transformed in Christ's name. MAF works in close partnership with over 1000 missions and relief and development organisations, to provide medical care, adequate food, clean water and Christian hope for people living in remote and inhospitable places.

MAF planes serve those who are bringing vital medical, relief and development services, as well as hope and love to many people. Every 5 minutes an MAF plane is taking off or landing on a mission of mercy. MAF use over 120 aircraft and fly in over 30 countries.

Across the world, multitudes of sick and poor people, many with no spiritual support, depend on basic services that can only be supplied by using light aircraft. Today, countless men, women and children remain cut off by difficult or dangerous terrain, deprived of basic necessities for a full and healthy life. Mission Aviation Fellowship flies over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts to bring these people medical care, emergency relief, long-term development and Christian hope.

For further information on the work of MAF,  you can visit their website here.