What’s the point of short term service?

Short term service can be a very beneficial experience. However it’s important to be clear on why you would want to do this. It is not a ‘holiday’. Short term is also a very good option for people who are contemplating long term service but want to experience the field in a ‘bite-sized’ way first. Short term experiences also help people to broaden their understanding of God’s work in the world, to expose people to cross-cultural and intercultural understanding and ‘get their feet wet’. For many people, long term overseas service is simply not an option and in fact their mission service is focused on the home environment.  For others, their skill sets and available time may well allow space to offer a specific service for a specific task overseas. For example, long-termers may need extra assistance for a defined project or to cover home assignment times for those on leave.  Short term service is often not about what you can give simply because in a short timeframe your contribution will be limited given the amount of time it takes to learn about the environment you’re in and especially where language is a barrier. It is often more about the experience and the learning you do.