Working With Interserve

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

Interserve was formed in 1852 by visionary British women who challenged the norms of their own society in order to help alleviate the suffering of Indian women, many of whom lived their entire lives in seclusion in women’s quarters with no access to education, medical care, or the message of Christ. Interserve was the first interdenominational mission society in the United Kingdom, a pioneer in women’s medical missions, and was instrumental in convincing Queen Victoria to grant official sanction to the training of women doctors in the United Kingdom. Click here to learn more about our history. Our approach to mission

Interserve works in a wide variety of partnerships where we share similar values: with local and national churches; with ministries, other mission groups, and increasingly, with emerging mission movements in the majority world; with educational and medical institutions, social and development agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs); and with the business community. Throughout its history Interserve was instrumental in developing, and partnering in, joint agencies working with a common goal in places like Nepal (UMN), Bangladesh (HEED), Mongolia (JCS), and others in various nations of North Africa, the Arab world and Asia.An incarnational, integrated (holistic) approach is at the heart of our mission call. The Bible explains how God became one of us by being born in human form – Jesus – who revealed His Father to us through His life amongst us (incarnation); and through His actions, His words, and powerful and often miraculous intervention, helped those living in need, in brokenness and strife. He also showed us how to live in genuine relationships, modelled around the rest, loving grace, and truth found in the Trinity of the God we believe in – Father, Son and Spirit. As people and as a fellowship we are sent into the world in the same way, bringing the Good News of forgiveness, redemption, reconciliation, and care for God’s creation.