Perspectives Study Programme

The Perspectives course gives you an insider’s view of God’s plans for His world and how you have been uniquely gifted and equipped to participate in those plans. The course surveys Biblical and Christian history, discusses culture and why God created cultures, and from those ‘perspectives’ we present what God is doing in the world today and how you can best be involved.

Perspectives challenges your worldview in a deep way. It reorients you to God’s priorities and will set you on a new course for your life. No kidding! Your new direction will require new navigation aids to help you get to where God wants you. We have collected a few helpful resources on this site to help you on your way as a new “world Christian”.

The South Pacific version of Perspectives is available in Aotearoa NZ, Australia and some Pacific islands. It can be done once per week over a 13 or 14 week period or as an intensive one-week block course. We recommend attending a course in person because we learn a lot from one another’s journey during the course.