Go Glocal! Workshops

God is on the move, building his church in every corner of the globe! Unprecedented migration patterns have also brought about a scattering of peoples like never before. As the DNA of a typical “Kiwi” undergoes rapid cultural shift the New Zealand church faces an awesome, if not divine opportunity.

We believe this is a crucial time in New Zealand’s history, one in which God’s people are incredibly positioned. Sadly many feel ill equipped or fearful when it comes to building relationships and sharing across cultures.

This is where we come in! WEC International wants to make its cross-cultural resources and experience available – to serve, equip and mobilise local churches in reaching the lost. One way we can do this is by offering church-based training through Glocal Workshops.

They are termed ‘glocal’, in that they bring together both a global and local perspective, which we believe reflects both God’s heart and how he desires to partner with us in mission.

Glocal Workshops are designed to be shaped around the mission heart and vision of your church, helping the whole church to get involved.   Because of this, the more we understand your church, it’s mission vision and practice the better we can serve you.  The workshops themselves are just that, workshops not lectures.  They are interactive, highly practical and use a range of media and activities.