A Life Overseas

A missionary crams a life into a suitcase and begins a journey into foreign places, both geographically and spiritually. Assaulted by cultural stress, ministry challenges, learning a new language, and the trauma of culture shock, missionaries long for community– a sense of connection, regardless of if they are the boiling water alone in an African hut or battling public transport in a crowded Indian city.  No doubt, living overseas can be brutal — on a family, on a faith, and in a soul. But, there’s no doubt, too, that it can be one of the most depth-giving experiences an individual can embrace. Like all of life, though, our stories are understood best when we have a community to share them with.

The blog collective ‘A Life Overseas’ provides that place of online connection for Christ-following missionaries and humanitarian aid workers living in foreign countries– from the past, present, or future.  As a team of writers who have logged years of overseas experience ourselves, we want to create an online space where expats of many nations come together to interact, encourage, and find a community that ‘gets it’.

At this site, you’ll find honest conversation about the role and realities of international missions, practical advice from others on the foreign field, and faith-based inspiration for the days when you’d just rather go home.

Whether you are new to the mission field, thinking of moving internationally, or have already spent years on foreign soil, Welcome to A Life Overseas. We invite you to interact with the people who step through this online door–  leave comments, consider writing a guest post, read and share articles that impacted or challenged you.  Subscribe to our blog (below or sidebar) or connect with us on facebook. We’re hopeful that the doorways to different worlds, perspectives and stories here will lead you to a bigger faith, a more effective ministry, and a greater understanding that you’re not alone.