Praying From a Position of Sonship

Not long after I prayed to receive Jesus, I became aware that a healthy Christian life is bathed in prayer. At first, my flesh rebelled against this way of living and I decided that praying wasn't really for me. I prayed when I had to. The prayers that I prayed were full of words and void of compassion, because of the position I'd prayed from.

I read the gospels; I read about a compassionate, powerful, loving God named Jesus, who'd washed me, among many others clean and given freely his own life, so that I could receive mine. Yet still, the way he prayed to his Father wasn't the way I prayed to my Father, and his works certainly were not mine.

Then God, in his mercy, gave me a holy desire to pray with intimacy. He took me to Ephesians over and over again and he told me, "this is your identity, you're a daughter through adoption." I needed to understand that I was a chosen member of the household of God, through faith (Eph 2:19, Gal 3:26), in order to pray compassionately and with authority.

When my prayer life changed, God reminded me that Jesus didn't just intercede. He prayed for the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead. Jesus told the disciples in John that whoever has faith in Jesus will do the same, and greater works for God's glory (John 14:12-14). Because I saw who I was, a daughter of God, I was able to see the one in front of me in the same light and display the fruit of my new life in the Spirit, having compassion and love, showing kindness and mercy to whoever crosses my path. Through faith, I was also able to approach the one in front of me and pray, as Jesus prayed. Still, I grow in intimacy through my identity each day and grow from faith to faith, with the hope of seeing greater things done by the power of God in the lives of those around me.

By Camilsa B

Camilsa and her family are currently serving with OMF. OMF is one of nine mission agencies who partner with Mission World. To learn more about the work of OMF visit www.omf.org.nz

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