We Need Long-Term, Spiritually Aware, Resilient People

We currently we have a number of overseas opportunities. We ask that you would lift up our need for more overseas workers across our fields, and ask that God would make known the people He has called to these roles. 

Below, one of our overseas team, who is serving in South Asia, briefly shares his thoughts of the types of skills needed for overseas service. 

Think Long-Term 
While we can use short-term people here, it is more useful, and fruitful, for people to come for the long-term. In long-term roles, you have a greater impact. In long-term roles, the local people have time to accept you as a foreigner, and build relationship. Long-term, learning and understanding the local language is just that much more effective. 

Spiritual Awareness
We may be able to do number of things like manage, teach, care, or counsel, but in the mix of all that Kingdom theology, spiritual awareness and discernment really helps. I’m talking about a wider worldview, an awareness of the supernatural, and experience of the power from on high. It can be learned, preferably before arriving here, but it does help to have some level of awareness. 

Be Resilient
Living overseas, a certain toughness is helpful. Here it’s humid, loud, noisy, messy, dirty, seemingly disorganised, and unjust. Yet in the middle of all that it is warm relationally, hospitable, and open. Things like perseverance, patience, forebearance, and grace go a long way.

Our hope is this will provide prayer-fuel for you as you continue in your prayers for the work of NZBMS.